Full Digital Church

Are you ready for a more effective ministry website?

Hello, I'm Chuck Scroggs

I'm the creative director of Full Digital. I'm here to make your life easier. Don't stress over the small stuff. Ministry is tuff enough already. You deserve a break from the tensions of technology. Let's talk sometime today and dream up something really cool for your ministry that will help grow your church.

Quality Work, God Focus

We know how hard it is when you're trying to do the best God wants and you're met with either budget constraints or talent constraints. We help you where you need it the most. We have years of talent and we are owned by a church planter who understands budget constraints. Let us work with you on your next project to see where we can increase your ministry through our skills and affordable services.


Beautiful church websites designed for growing your church and ministry. Built with mobile first development standards.


Invigorating and dynamic video that captures the heart of your mission and the attention of your entire community.


Imagery is important to impact. Choosing the right photographer or background images can move people.


Graphics and marketing materials can make a church current and inviting with more impactful outreach. 


It's all about your message and how you communicate it to your community. Our ministry approach will impress you.


Your website is not the only thing that needs work. Search engines have maps, listings, reviews, and many links that need some love.

Social Media

From social media strategy to content creation, churches that have a voice that connects to their community do it online socially.


A seasoned ministry leader is available to walk with you through the technical challenges of doing ministry today.
We'd like to explore working with Full Digital I manage a church website and need help We need someone to manage our current website We need a new website We need some graphics We need to create a video We need help with our overall online strategy